Monday, October 29, 2007

Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami at the L.A. MOCA

For one night we stepped into the world of high fashion and fine art at the opening night of the Takashi Murakami show at the Los Angeles MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). The opening nights gala featured a DJ, bar, dancing and the artist himself. Needless to say, we also stopped in at the Louis Vuitton shop for a look; and yes, a few hours later we were a few bags heavier and a buck or two poorer.

Oh what a night!

A sculpture from the exhibit and Murakami signing autographs for his adoring fans.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dog park sighting?

With all the flap City Hall is getting about the lack of oversight at the Departement of Parks and Recreations of millions of dollars collected in Quimby fees, looks like the Downtown News may have hit the nail on the head with this weeks Urban Scrawl . Doesn't look like a dog park is coming soon to downtown.

Urban Scrawl

Saturday, October 13, 2007

First rain

Tonight Dodger and Aggie had to face their first rains since moving to downtown. Thankfully armed with their new doggie rain coats business was conducted as usual.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1st Downtown L.A. Dog Walk was a success!!

Thank you to all those who came out and walked with us from Pershing Square to Maguire Gardens. It was great to see over a dozen downtown neighbors and their many dogs transform both Pershing Square and Maguire Gardens into an impromptu dog park.

See you all next month for another Downtown L.A. Dog Walk.
2nd Wednesday of the month.
Next walk: Nov. 14 @ 6:00 pm at Pershing Square
Walk route and other details TBA

For more photos of the event see the "Photo Shop" link

Special thanks to:
Wonton the (213) Dog
The Loftydog
Downtown News

Meeting up at Pershing Square

Walking down 5th Street to Maguire Gardens

Little Tokyo's frozen yogurt war heats up!

Loyalties challenged? Today we went for our weekly walk through Little Tokyo to get a cup of frozen yogurt. As usual we made our way to Cefiore to get some Raspberry+Pomegranate yogurt. As we arrived and to our surprise the line and crowds we normally see were gone, (a disclaimer has to be said that we dropped in about 10 minutes before closing tonight) but across the street a packed house filled the new Pinkberry. What does this mean for Cefiore? Only time will tell but it should be noted that Cefiore laid down the gauntlet first in the Downtown News calling out Pinkberry.

Regardless Dodger had his fill and left happy!

vs. yummy!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Two Days Left!!

Only two days until Dodger and Aggie get to hang out with new downtown doggie buddies at Pershing Square for the 1st "Downtown Dog Walk" Hopefully this will be the start of many monthly walks bringing downtown residents and their dogs onto the street. See the listing in this weeks Downtown News.
See you all there!
More Dog Activity In Downtown
News Brief
This Wednesday, the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council will host a Downtown dog walk. Local residents are invited to meet Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. at Pershing Square, 532 S. Olive St., with their four-legged friends for a communal walk through the neighborhood. The event is part of an effort to encourage City Hall to allocate space for an off-leash dog park in Downtown Los Angeles.

Pershing Square