Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bark or treat

Last night as most suburban neighborhoods were filled with the sights and sounds of toddlers and kids in their Halloween costumes; here in downtown L.A., a motley crew of doggie owners met up at the Lofty Dog for a Howl-0-ween party.

Cabrini and her gang at the Lofty Dog filled the night with music, food, portrait photographers and puppy treats. As you can see by the photos everyone had a fun night and the doggies all looked great.

Catch all of the photos in the "Photos Shop"

(Dodger - Superman, Wonton "making a new friend")

more Dodger and Wonton

Dodger and Isis

"Lettermen" Aggie and her new fluffy friend

"Dog at work"

Dogs and their costumed owners

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