Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who moved my bacon?

Is something better just because it's different?

I'm the first to admit I'm taken by all the changes that's occurred in downtown Los Angeles these past few years. Like many dt residents I've had a connection to this area long before Staples Center and the loft/condo boom. That said I'm glad to see all the new shops and services opening up. But today I had to find one of my all time dt favorites. Over the past year or so what used to be a common sight in the fashion district has disappeared.

Yes! I am talking about the bacon wrapped hotdog cart. Regardless of which side of the (health code) fence you sit, anyone who's ever spent time in the garment district of downtown L.A. has smelled, seen and most likely fallen for those street side treats the bacon wrapped hotdogs. Over the past year or so there numbers have fallen. Stiffer enforcement by the Public Health Department and the LAPD has driven most of the bandit carts off the main streets. In their place are "licensed" hot dog stands which I'd imagine have very nice and healthy dogs but they don't sell bacon wrapped hotdogs. Lucky for me, today was a good day. Yes, yes, I found me a bacon dog stand.

They say the smell of food can bring back fond memories from your past. Well, for me, downtown will always smell like a sizzling bacon wrapped hotdog.

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