Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Traveling home from class last night, the hubby explained to me over the phone that he now knew "who the brain of the operations is." He said, "Dodger may be the naughty one, but Aggie is definitely the brains of the operation." Asked how he ventured upon this conclusion, he witnessed Aggie poking her head into a plastic bag that he had just used as a trash bag for grape skins and seeds. Aggie was definitely scavenging, and her loyal, but ineffective "lookout" was peering behind her to see what they were working so hard to loot. I wasn't there, but imagining the scene was hilarious.

In canine court, Aggie "the Brain" and Dodger "Trooper" would no doubt be convicted of a "misdoggiemeanor" or misdemeanor. However, the Brain would have put up a decent defense making a compelling argument about it being "abandoned" property. Knowing Ags, she'd put up a good fight with smarts and all. Dodger, clearly not the brain behind the scandal, however, would have no defense as an accomplice and a co-conspirator. Unfortunately, he was out snoozing the day they handed out high IQs. Certainly one of the spokes of the conspiracy wheel would point to our choco-colored furry (but bald-scalped) friend. There goes that archeology scholarship . . .

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