Friday, September 7, 2007

Dodger's Encounter with Groomer Snoop

Over Labor Day weekend, Dodger and fam drove up to SF to visit Grammy and Mum and Pop's friends. A few hours into our drive, our brake lights indicate that the brakes needed to be changed. Gasp! On a Saturday before Labor Day . . . how will we return to LA? At long last, our GPS pointed the way to a Midas that could take us. With temps nearly 100F and a wait of 4-5 hours for the brakes to be done, Mum and Pop dropped Dodger and Aggie off at the Petco across the street for grooming. Pop wanted to watch the movie, "SuperBad" in a superbad way so Petco being a few doors down from the movie theater was ideal. Yet Mum was worried about the Snoop Dog-esque groomer complete with gold teeth and and multiple tattoos including teardrops under his left eye (Doesn't that mean his victims did not fare well at some point???).

15 minutes into the movie, Mum gets a call. It's Snoop and he is having a difficult time with Dodger. He shared, "Aggie is doing great, but Dodger is screaming at the top of his tiny lungs everytime we open the crate door." Snoop said he would try to "talk" to Dodger, but wanted to warn Mum that Dodger may not get groomed for fear of being bit by our 7lb mini dotson.

As tough as Snoop looks, he couldn't handle our problem child? Wow, that speaks volumes as to how annoying Dodger can be when he wants to be . . .
A movie later, Mum and Pop, along with other doggie parents, sit in the Petco lounge anxiously awaiting the return of their babies. As each dog is picked up by their respective parents, the groomer raves about how well-behaved their dogs were, and how fantastic their dog did. Yet when Snoop appeared, he did not have such glowing reviews of Dodger. With his hands on his hips, he told Mum and Pop what a naughty boy Dodger was. He did rave out Aggie but said that "Dodger wouldn't have any of it and he did not do well."

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